25 September 2010

Hell Dorado Days

As mentioned in a previous post, when David and Judy married, he adopted her twin sons: Brian and Larry. They were about three years old at the time of the marriage and they were living in Las Vegas. David and Judy had had their daughter, Alice, so at the time of this story the twins would have been between 4 and 5 years old. Judy breast-fed the new baby so the twins were aware of body parts - this is important later in the story!

Every year there is a week-long celebration there called "Hell Dorado Days". Part of the celebration is a parade to which David took the boys to see. There were bands and floats as in any typical parade. Each casino in the city had an entry in the parade. There are several casinos with western themes, but I believe the one that this story is about was the Palimino. It is now a strip club but in those days (the mid-60's) I believe it was more casino than strip club.

Anyway, their entry in the parade was a single palimino stallion being ridden by one of the showgirls. David said that she was in western theme clothes - cowboy boots, neckerchief, and hat, denim hot pants, a shirt jacked up and tied in front (Daisy Duke style) with a small rhinestoned bolero vest. BUT the most important element of her appearance was that her well-endowed breasts were also "jacked up" to the point that they were just barely covered. The other important element in this story is that it was obvious she had never ridden a horse before. She was totally out of sync with the horse' walk. When he was coming up; she was coming down, etc.

So the band passes by and the crowd sees her coming down the street on this horse and the crowd gets deathly quiet. David said he had a twin on each side of him each holding a hand. When they saw the girl on the horse, they too fell quiet and then one of them tugged on his hand and quietly whispered, "Daddy, look at the tits on that girl!" Now David (for what ever reason) decided that he would just squeeze the little boy's hand but not reply directly to his comment. WRROONNGGGG! The little boy jerked on David's hand and in a very loud voice said, "DADDY, I SAID LOOK AT THE TITS ON THAT GIRL!"

David said the entire crowd went hysterical laughing. The little boy had merely voiced what everyone there was thinking. To give David credit, he said he just knelt down and said, "Yes, son, I saw them!"

David was always very good with children and I have no idea why he chose to ignore the first whisper. He should have known better!

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