24 September 2010


While sorting through files, I came across the divorce file for my husband and his 2nd wife, Judith. In 31 years of marriage, I had never seen it before. I told my sister once that the only thing that would be more difficult than being married to David would be divorcing him. After reading that file, I would repeat that statement.

He didn't talk alot about his ex-wives. He was married to Doris Emily Pfister for 12 years. They had four children. He was married to Judith (called Judy) Allgier (not sure I'm spelling this correctly) for 9 years. They had one daughter plus he adopted Judith's twin sons by a previous marriage.

Occasionally things would happen and he would tell me quick stories about the children or the ex-wives. I thought I might jot down a few of them before I forget them.

David used to read at every meal. Sometimes it was a book or a magazine or a newspaper. When we first married, it drove me crazy. I was not raised that way. Mealtime was for talking and eating.

Anyway, finally one weekend morning we were having breakfast and I wanted to talk but he was reading the newspaper. I can't remember what I said but he put the paper down, looked at me and said, "Well just know that you're not the first wife to have this problem!" That did not help the situation at all. Then he told me the following story.

Second wife Judy apparently really got fed up with his reading the paper at the table. He said that one morning he was sitting at the table reading; she had been trying to talk to him and he was not paying attention. He said the next thing he knew she was holding a lit match at the bottom of his newspaper and actually did light it up. He said he jerked it down and stomped out the fire. But she had made her point. He did confess that he started trying to listen to her when he heard her talking!

I laughed so hard I cried. At that point, I truly admired her! I also wished I had thought of it!

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Gee maybe a blow torch would light a computer. Screaming HELLO! doesn't work. Poking a few times works.