20 January 2011

"New" TV program to watch - The Tudors

BBC-America began a new series last night. It is a re-run of a Showtime series that ran in 2007/2008. Called "The Tudors", it is about Henry, the 8th. Extremely well done. Loved the costuming and the settings. Lots of good actors. Sam Neill plays Cardinal Woolsey.

It's going to air every week on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. Last night was the first episode so you could easily catch up beginning next week. Last nigth they just laid the groundwork for several stories - Henry's first wife, Katherine of Aragon, and their daughter Mary; a war with France, etc.

Really good show. The actor playing Henry the 8th is very good.

Over the Christmas holidays, I watched an episode of "History's Mysteries" on the History International channel. They took a team of physicians, archaeologists, and social scientists and reviewed tons of writings about Henry the 8th. They all agreed that the stories that we were taught (him having syphilus, etc.) were likely wrong. They believed he was diabetic. This would have explained much - his weight, his problems with leg ulcers and the lack of healing to injuries, etc. They also felt that the syphilus story was a myth because there was never any evidence that he passed it on to any of his wives or lovers - and he was one randy old goat!

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